Vector Coil HLR



  • CVS (Check Valve System) technology added for compression and rebound isolation ensuring the most consistent damping with improved adjustment ranges.
  • HLR damping system provides total damping control with external rebound adjustment and high-low speed compression adjustment. Compression and Rebound adjustments are isolated from affecting one another via CVS.
  • Refined compression circuits for more efficient and smoother energy absorption.
  • Sized eyelet bushings providing a smoother and more consistent mounting system.
  • Custom Tuning Available


  • 200/57, 215/63 , 222/69, 240/76
  • Weight: 430 grams (240 x 76)
  • Spring: Air
  • Adjustments: Air Pressure, Rebound, Low Speed Compression


HLR damping systems are on our performance line. They offer external rebound adjustment & external high and low speed compression adjustment

Check valve to isolate compression and rebound damping.

Carefully engineered pistons to provide maximum oil flow with highly efficient damping characteristics.

Bottom-out Pressure Adjust regulates the forces required to move through the ending stroke of the suspension using an external air reservoir.

Reservoir volume controls spring progression/ramp.


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