Product maintenance and service are key factors in how your suspension will perform over the course of its life. Make sure to read your owners manual so that you properly understand the steps to ensure smooth, long lasting suspension.

United States Service Center

If you have a product that may be in need of service, please call us for free expert advice.
If service is required, a return authorization (RA) number will be provided.
Please do not send product in without an RA number.

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Fork MaintenanceInterval
Clean dirt and debris from stanchion tubes Every Ride
Check air pressure and set sag (air forks only) Every Ride
Inspect upper tubes for scratches and gouges Every Ride
Check torque on X-Series Axle Every Ride
Clean or replace(recommended) remote lockout cable and housing 25 hrs
Remove lowers, clean/inspect bushings and change oil bath if necessary 25 hrs
Clean and lubricate air spring assembly 50 hrs
Full damper system rebuild and oil change 100 hrs
Clean and lubricate coil spring assembly (coil forks only) 100 hrs
Shock MaintenanceInterval
Clean dirt and debris from shock body Every Ride
Check air pressure and set sag Every Ride
Check torque on mounting bolts Every Ride
Lubricate shock body 5 hrs
Remove air canister, clean and lubricate 25 hrs
Clean or replace(recommended)
remote cable and housing
(remote lockout shocks only)
25 hrs
Air sleeve maintenance (replace seals) 50 hrs
Full damper system rebuild and oil change 100 hrs
Seatpost MaintenanceInterval
Clean dirt and debris from shaft and seal head Every Ride
Clean or replace(recommened) remote cable 25 hrs
Check air pressure 25 hrs
Oil change and replace seals 50 hrs


Before performing suspension service, make sure you have read the appropriate service instructions and have the knowledge and tools required. Suspension systems can be under high pressure and improper disassembly could result in serious injury or even death.

Click here for a full list of our tech guides.

XF USA Estimated Factory Service Rates

ForksEst. $
Travel Adjust $40
Lower Service and Inspection (includes parts) $60
32/34mm Factory Fork Service $100
36mm Factory Fork Service $120
34/36mm Roughcut Damper Cartridge Upgrade $240
34/36mm Damper install $50
ShocksEst. $
Air Sleeve Service $40
Factory Shock Service $100
Custom Shock Tune see below
Seat PostEst. $
Factory Post Service $40

XF Factory Tune Program

X-Fusion now offers custom tuning straight from the factory! For an additional $50 charge at the time of purchase you can now get any piece of rear suspension custom tuned to your bike and riding style. Please contact us direct to speak to a suspension expert that can assist with your tune selection. (831)221-5047

ProductCost When PurchasedCustom Tune Cost
O2 $50 $120
Vector Air $50 $160
Vector Coil $50 $140